[Case Study] Public Capped Sale

Creator AI


A Startup Incubator based in Silicon Valley faced a recurring challenge centered around getting their incubatee companies to scale. Decentral Solutions started an engagement centered around a blockchain solution to decentralized content creation.


Over the span of multiple weeks our team worked to make a broad, multi-faceted problem into a specific one. First we let the client fully define the problem in terms of his scope of expertise, which was building and scaling small startups. From those requirements we were able to provide a prototype and whitepaper that details the necessary blockchain protocols needed to solve the content creation problem in each subdomain.

The whitepaper was a collaborative effort between experts on Token Economics, Legal Counsel, Blockchain developers and Software Architects. Decentral Solutions took ownership of authoring sections for the underlying technology, token distribution model, engineering roadmap. This included:

  • Network Architecture Diagram
  • Formal mathematical definition of consensus algorithms used
  • Block propagation examples

The whitepaper has been publically released and from the metrics collected, have exceed expectations for the client’s conversion metrics.

In Parallel, Decentral Solutions managed product development by working with the client’s European remote engineering team. The Project was to build a web application that interfaced with Metamask, a Chrome plugin for signing contracts/transactions with your Ethereum wallet.

Each week the client delivered product requirement documents to be translated into a set of concrete tasks to be assigned to the remote engineers. Notable features:

  • Three step handshake that initiates a creator-publisher relationship
  • Chat/DM component that integrates and approves handshake end to end
  • Multi-step payment form via Metamask for onboarding user subscriptions

The client’s token will be the eventual accepted type of payment, however this functionality was complex. This engagement had a strict timeline; could not afford to get blocked by the Token workstream. During this time a custom ERC20 token was the solution. This filler token implements the same interface as the final token. By abstracting out token address into an app config field we resumed development multi-step payment and handshake flows with minimal delay.