Block Party Seoul 2018

Author: Dillon Settle
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Last week Dillon and Ling Qing had the pleasure of attending Block Party Seoul 2018, a 3 day bootcamp for aspiring dApp developers.

The attendees were top students from Korean universities, selected from a large pool of applicants.

Our CEO Ling Qing was a primary speaker and mentor featured at this event. Throughout the event Ling Qing delivered some very insightful talks about deploying Ethereum contracts.

The event was broken down into 3 days, with 3 goals. Day 1: Education and Application of Education. Day 2: Deploying a Contract in Real-Time. Day 3: Creating a Business Idea for the Blockchain.

Day 1: Educate Me Please

On Day 1, Ling Qing delivered insight and direction on how to deploy an Ethereum Contract, why this is essential, and best practices for doing so. Highlighted in this talk were points about Metamask, Solidity, Remix, Truffle, and their various uses.

Ling Qing took the students through an interactive example highlighting how to use and implicate all these features correctly.


Another speaker from Day 1, James Young, spoke on State Channels and provided a world of value on this topic.


Day 2: Deploying a Contract on Remix, Attempt #1

Day 2 was all about the Real Time application of what we’ve learned thus far. This project was done interactively, with all mentors assisting the students as they went through this process.

The students were tasked with successfully deploying a token sale contract on Remix.

While stressful at times, the students pulled through and had great success with the project given to them.

Overall the performance by the students was impressive, to say the least.


Day 3: Create a Blockchain Business

Day 3 saw us break students into 5 groups, with the task of creating a business idea on the Blockchain, and presenting on this.

Some key questions to keep in mind when creating these ideas were:

  1. Why is the blockchain necessary for this business?

  2. What real world application does this idea have?

  3. How does this affect users and improve their lives?

At the end of Day 3 we saw the groups ideas presented and then judged by a panel of speakers and mentors.

Our winning group created a business similar to Quora, run on the block chain.

They were presented with a 1st place prize of 5 ETH.


After Party?

Post Day 3, came the Block Party networking event, which saw a huge number of companies in attendance.

Students were able to meet members of the block chain community, gain real insight on to what is successful and what isn’t, ask questions to attendees, build an initial network, and more.

We even saw some very high profile blockchain community members in attendance, but we’ll leave you to guess at that one.

Wrap Up


Block Party made it’s mark on Korea, and is part of the forefront of building a new community for dApp developers in Seoul.

Overall, this event was drastically successful. It’s very safe to say this will not be the last event of this nature in Korea, but a marking as the first of it’s kind in a new and booming community for the Korean market.

Be sure to look out for the highlight video from this event, coming in the following days!