Block Party Seoul 2018

Author: Dillon Settle
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Last week Dillon and Ling Qing had the pleasure of attending Block Party Seoul 2018, a 3 day bootcamp for aspiring dApp developers.

The attendees were top students from Korean universities, selected from a large pool of applicants.

Our CEO Ling Qing was a primary speaker and mentor featured at this event. Throughout the event Ling Qing delivered some very insightful talks about deploying Ethereum contracts.

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Notes On Creating A Hexo Theme

Information about developing a Hexo theme, including common gotchas that we ran into. This posts covers setting up a hexo development environment, and the seperation of theme and content.

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Adding Lookup Field to a Page in Dynamics NAV

One of the problems I faced in building a non-trivial application that consumed NAV Web Services was figuring out how to join fields from different tables.

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