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[Case Study] Public Capped Sale


A Startup Incubator based in Silicon Valley faced a recurring challenge centered around getting their incubatee companies to scale. Decentral Solutions started an engagement centered around a blockchain solution to decentralized content creation.


Over the span of multiple weeks our team worked to make a broad, multi-faceted problem into a specific one. First we let the client fully define the problem in terms of his scope of expertise, which was building and scaling small startups. From those requirements we were able to provide a prototype whitepaper that details the necessary blockchain protocols needed to solve the content creation problem in each subdomain.

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Devcon 3 Lectures and VODs

Ethereum’s Developer Conference

author: Ling Qing Meng

Devcon 3 was a 4 day conference where the latest and greatest minds on Ethereum gathered to discuss the most up to dates methodologies, technologies, and regulations that impact the Ethereum ecosystem.

Thankfully even if you didn’t attend, all of the content is streamed online but in disparate places. I’ve organized them by topic and timestamp so it’s organized all in one place.

Our team with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin
Our team with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin

Day One

Day Two

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