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Bluzelle - Scalable Data Services for dApps

Author: Dillon Settle
General Inquiries: hello@decentral.solutions

Bluzelle - Scalable Data Services for dApps


Bluzelle combines the sharing economy with the token economy - renting individuals’ computer storage space to earn tokens while dApp developers use tokens to have their dApp’s data stored and managed.

Bluzelle is a decentralized, on-demand, scalable database service for dApps. To ensure developers get the highest throughput in performance, reliability and scalability, Bluzelle implements swarming technologies.

A swarm is a large group of nodes (computers) that work together to store and manage data. Nodes in these swarms can go down and new nodes can come up with minimal impact on the network.

Bluzelle fills a need to make the decentralized Internet complete, by improving efficiency and scale of data storage and management.

Bluzelle is NOT a blockchain. Blockchains, at the risk of giving a circular answer, are chains of blocks of data. Bluzelle is a database, and conceptually, not too different from common NoSQL databases.

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